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Donna J. Conversano
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Donna J. Conversano

I am an art school grad whose career began in fast-paced NYC. My early years were spent working in marketing departments of the greeting card industry, home textiles, package design, and a dot-com startup before venturing to Wall Street. Who says creatives can't work in investment banking?

Entrepreneurial opportunity eventually led me away from NYC and down the east coast, making stops in Virginia Beach, VA, and Northern Florida. In Virginia Beach, I ran a small design studio that catered to start-ups and mid-size businesses that desperately needed website development, corporate identity, and online branding. While in northern Florida, I provided marketing and photography services to a diverse set of clients and guided non-profits in increasing their social media engagement.

I am now based in Southern, Utah where the red rock geology of the American Southwest inspires me every single day. If you have read this far, congrats! Let's chat!

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