Your Business is my Business

When I'm hired to help execute creative projects, as a designer or as a consultant, I treat your business as if it were my own. If there is a more cost-effective way to get the job done on time, I tell you so - even if it means you take your business elsewhere. Check out the design and photography portfolios below, then contact Donna to discuss your next creative services project! While I'm located in Fleming Island, Florida - not too far from Jacksonville, my sensibilities are still very northern. What's that mean exactly? Call me and find out! (904) 644-8015.

Print Design

Print is not dead. Get your ink in order with a graphic designer who understands this physical medium and how it should fit into your overall marketing strategy.

Web Design

Let's get digital. I have been cooking up and spitting out optimized web graphics and programming since 1997. I'm very responsive too!


I came to photography via graphic design and the relentless pursuit to create compelling images for client's websites. My photographic style is photo-journalistic in nature.

Pet Projects

Learn a bit about my history with the art world and what I do when I'm not sitting at the computer. It's face time!