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Donna has been a part of the web design evolution since the mid 1990's. During these web design dark ages, animated GIFs were thrilling and it was necessity to know how to hand-code HTML. Website development is forever changing to meet the needs of site visitors, and Donna currently uses Webflow to create responsive client websites. If you are looking for a website designer/developer to lead your next web project, contact Donna today.
During the past three decades, JeanAlan Design has worked on countless web design and development projects. Sadly, this type of creative does not live forever on the internet. Corporate redesigns come and go, as do businesses and their ecommerce ideas. A web designer's portfolio can be alive and kicking one day and 404 the next! Let's bring the past to life for one last look - shall we?
RIP websites

A sample of website projects from the past - Gone But Not Forgotten Web Design by Donna J. Conversano